MOS is the English abbreviation of Microsoft Office Specialist. The whole process of MOS certification is Microsoft Office International Certification.

MOS was launched to the world in 1997 by Microsoft and a third-party international certification organization Certiport (the world's three major IT testing and teaching research centers), and it is the only recognized by Microsoft. Global office certification.

MOS certification includes three levels: Specialist, Expert and Master, and the certificate is valid for life.

MOS is the global certification with the lowest threshold to date.

Its subjects are classified in terms of software version and certification level.

[Certification version] MOS exam is the actual computer exam of Office software, so the MOS exam version corresponds to the Office software version one by one. With the iteration of the office software, the MOS certification is also iterating, and the old software is no longer subject to the new exam certification (but the certificate obtained by passing the exam before is still valid.)

Currently MOS The software versions available for the certification exam are 2010, 2013 and 2016.

[Certification Level] The MOS exam is divided into three levels: Specialist, Expert and Master. Professional-level experts pass the corresponding examinations and obtain corresponding certificates, while master-level experts do not require examinations, and they will be automatically obtained after obtaining several designated professional-level expert-level certificates.

The professional level of the MOS certification exam includes software such as Excel, PPT, Word Access, etc. Each time you pass a software exam, you can get the corresponding MOS professional-level certificate (Microsoft Office Specialist).

The expert level of the MOS certification exam only includes two softwares, Excel and Word. Similarly, for each software exam passed, (2010 has one exam for each software, and 2013 has two exams for each software), you can Obtain the corresponding MOS expert certificate (Microsoft Office Specialist Expert).

MOS certification exam master level, no need to take a separate exam, only need to get a few specified certificates, automatically get (Microsoft Office Specialist Master).

The subjects currently set in the MOS certification exam, the corresponding exam number, the certificate obtained after passing the exam, and the method of obtaining the Master certificate,


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