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Part1: CCNP 300-730 SVPN Free Demos

Which requirements needed to use local authentication for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Clients that connect to a FlexVPN server?

A.EAP query-identity
B.use of certificates instead of username and password
C.AnyConnect profile

Correct Answer: C
Which two commands help determine why the NHRP registration process is not being completed even after the IPsec tunnel is up? (Choose two.)

A.show IP traffic
B.show IP nhrp traffic
C.show dmvpn detail
D.show crypto IPSec SA
E.show crypto isakmp sa

Correct Answer: BE

Which command is used to troubleshoot an IPv6 FlexVPN spoke-to-hub connectivity failure?

A.show crypto isakmp sa
B.show crypto ikev2 sa
C.show crypto identity
D.show crypto gkm

Correct Answer: B

Cisco AnyConnect clients need to transfer large files over the VPN sessions. Which protocol provides the best throughput?

C.IPsec IKEv1

Correct Answer: B

In a FlexVPN deployment, the spokes successfully connect to the hub, but spoke-to-spoke tunnels do not form. Which troubleshooting step solves the issue?

A.Verify that the tunnel interface is contained within a VRF.
B.Verify the spoke configuration to check if the NHRP redirect is enabled
C.Verify the hub configuration to check if the NHRP shortcut is enabled.
D.Verify that the spoke receives redirect messages and sends resolution requests.

Correct Answer: D


Where is split-tunneling defined for IKEv2 remote access clients on a Cisco router?

A.Group Policy
B.virtual template
C.webvpn context
D.IKEv2 authorization policy

Correct Answer: A
Under which section must a bookmark or URL list be configured on a Cisco ASA to be available for clientless SSLVPN users?

A.tunnel-group (general-attributes)
B.tunnel-group (webvpn-attributes)
C.webvpn (group-policy)
D.webypn (global configuration)

Correct Answer: C

Which benefit of FlexVPN is a limitation of DMVPN using IKEv1?

A.NHRP authentication provides enhanced security
B.Dynamic routing protocols can be configured
C.GRE encapsulation allows for forwarding of non-IP traffic.
D.IKE implementation can install routes in the routing table.

Correct Answer: D

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client has been configured to use IKEv2 for one group of users and SSL for another group. When the administrator configures a new AnyConnect release on the Cisco ASA, the IKEv2 users cannot download it automatically when they connect What might be the problem?

A.The XML profile is not configured correctly for the affected users.
B.The new client image does not use the same major release as the current one.
C.Client software updates are not supported by IKEv2.
D.Client services are not enabled.

Correct Answer: D

A Cisco AnyConnect client established an SSL VPN connection with an ASA a the corporate office An engineer must ensure that the client computer meets the enterprise security policy which feature can update the client to meet an enterprise security policy?

A.Advanced Endpoint Assessment
B.Cisco Secure Desktop
C.Endpoint Assessment
D.Basic Host Scan

Correct Answer: A

Part2: CCNP 300-810 CLICA Free Demos

Which two Cisco Unity Connection logs are used to troubleshoot issues with Message Waiting Indicators? (Choose two.)

A.Connection IMAP Server
B.Connection Mailbox Sync
C.Connection Notifier
D.Connection Message Transfer Agent
E.Connection Conversation Manager

Correct Answer: CE

Which statement describes the role of AXL communications in the BLF Plug-in Service of the Cisco Unified Attendant Console?

A.The AXL communications allow registered attendants to log in to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and receive calls.
B.The AXL communications enable Device Resolution Manager to resolve the device statuses of operator and system devices.
C.The AXL communications are required after installation to verify that the specified CTI manager or managers and Cisco Unified Attendant Console versions match.
D.The AXL communications are required after installation to verify that the specified CTI manager or managers and Cisco Unified CM versions.

Correct Answer: B

What is the first step for web-based SSO login?

B.Redirect to IdP to get authenticated.
C.Present authentication assertion.
D.Request access to protected service.

Correct Answer: B

Which CLI command is used to collect traces from the Cisco Presence engine for seven days?

A.file build log cisco_presence_engine 7
B.file build log cisco_presence 168
C.file build log presence_engine 7
D.file build log presence_engine 168

Correct Answer: A

Which dial-peer configuration routes calls from SIP-based phones on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to Cisco Unity Express?

A.dial-peer voice 7000 voip destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4: codec g711alaw
B.dial-peer voice 7000 voip destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2 session target ipv4: codec ilbc
C.dial-peer voice 7000 voip destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4: codec g711ulaw
D.dial-peer voice 7000 VOIP destination-pattern 7000 session protocol sipv2 session target ipv4: codec g729r6

Correct Answer: C

Which authentication method allows a user to log in to an SSO-enabled Cisco Unified Communications application by utilizing a Microsoft Windows login, thereby not requiring any credentials to be entered?

A.Smart Card

Correct Answer: D

An end-user opened a ticket, stating that before logging in to Jabber for Windows, a warning is displayed that a server certificate has expired. Which two certificates must be verified on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM and Presence deployment? (Choose two.)

A.capf on Cisco Unified CM
B.cup-xmpp on IM and Presence
C.callmanager on Cisco Unified CM
D.tomcat on Cisco Unified CM
E.cup on IM and Presence

Correct Answer: AB

When Cisco IM and Presence is configured to use automatic fallback, how long does the Server Recovery Manager service wait for a failed service/server to remain active before an automatic fallback is initiated?

A.10 minutes
B.20 minutes
C.30 minutes
D.60 minutes

Correct Answer: C

Which call routing rule is used in the Cisco Unity Connection to redirect calls from the phone extension for user A to the voicemail greeting?

A.Attempt Forward forwarded routing rule
B.Opening Greeting direct routing rule
C.Attempt Sign-In direct routing rule
D.Opening Greeting forwarded routing rule

Correct Answer: A

Fraudulent calls are being made from Cisco Unity Connection. Which action prevents the calls from reaching the PSTN using SCCP integration?

A.Change the configuration of the routing rule.
B.Change the CSS of the voicemail port.
C.Change the Rerouting CSS on the trunk to Cisco Unity Connection.
D.Remove values from the restriction table.

Correct Answer: B

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