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I am still prepping for my PMI exam and what I have been needing to do was actually 'apply' what I was learning. There are tons of sims out there in the market, some good, some bad but all are expensive and limited in one way or another. Obviously, I tend to agree with most posters that there is nothing that comes close to actually working on PMI gear, but the problem usually comes down to 1) cost or 2) ability to have the equipment on site (small apartment, etc). I would think that having the equipment for the PMI is a must, but for the PMI all you need is something to drill you on the concepts that you are supposed to be learning.Having said this, I think this product should not really be considered a 'simulator' but more of an instructional tool to reinforce whether or not you are grasping the PMI concepts. Will it help you with the PMI exam? This is tough to say. Personally, I think that 'yes, it will' because the exam has scenarios in which you have to troubleshoot in order to answer the question. In essence, this is what the product does. So, if you practice the scenarios over and over again, you should have a basic troubleshooting flow chart in your head that you can later apply to the exam and any future network admin job.My only complaint about the product is that it didn't have more scenarios under the Troubleshooting sections but I guess that with all the Skill Builder and Configuration scenarios - you 'should' be well rounded to troubleshoot any eventual LAN scenario. I did note that each Troubleshooting section had a single 'Part 1', which makes me wonder whether subsequent upgrades will add additional content - fingers crossed.I recently was promoted to a network engineering post working in a PMI environment. This product has helped me to develop key troubleshooting skills that are hard to come by with just reading theory in dozens of PMI books. Its not a 'cure all' by any means but its a good supplemental tool that you can add to your knowledge bag. I would recommend it to any aspiring network admin/engineer.Good luck to all in their PMI adventure!

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