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I had started studying for the AWS AWS/AWS exam using the older DAS-C01 Cert Guide that was given to me by a friend in February. Free reading material, so why not? Anyway, I studied up to chapter 7 in AWS until I realized the exam had been revised, with an updated cert guide. I bought the new book, and blew through chapters 1-6 in AWS in one night, just revisiting what I had learned in the older book, scanning for additional info I didn't already learn.Overall the newer addition of the book reads a hell of a lot better, the illustrations are much improved, and the explanations are easier to understand. Although AWS had added several new topics to the new exam, they also ditched much of the older useless legacy stuff like RIP. Who wants to learn legacy routing protocols that are a pain in the butt to set up, when newer easier protocols are out there?The one thing I was upset about was the decorative box cover hinge looked like it had been cut off, despite the fact that the books inside appear brand new, and it came from Amazon LLC not a third party.

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