I'Ve just reduced my PMP certification after three years. I gave my first my PMP examination and I passed the exam today, I'm going to record a article on help you to pass the PMP examination for this sixth edition. It's been almost three years since I've put on the first article to help people pass PMP examination and guess what they're nearly 25 plus people who have passed me a examination after reading that article people have gone to the extent of downloading that article and then reading It again again, it was one also very motivational and inspiring article.

I wanted to record a similar article for the sixth edition. It's been almost three years, I'm so glad that people have actually come back and put comments that they have passed that PM examination after reading a article, therefore the methodology, let me help you all passed your PMP exam for the sixth edition as well. This article is going to be a little dente, maybe 15 to 20 minutes. I will it on all these steps. The most important thing is the two aspects in this article one is I'm going to help you tell the order of preparation for the PMP examination.

How do you start from the knowledge areas what process many times people get stuck, and second thing is: how do you handle the stress during the preparation and in the examination? So these are two main contents of this entire article and I'll. Tell you which books to refer how many hours you have to spend so, let's get started off so friends. I understand that 25 plus people have passed premium silver of so many views. So what was the mon thing among all these people? The most comments I got was like people like the question like what, if I pass, I want you to take some time and think what, if you pass the PMP examination, there's a lot of benefits, all right, I'll, discuss them in towards the end many times we Don'T give premium thinking that? what if I fail? No, you have to change your question.

You have to change the thought process. Whatever passed examination in this article I'll, tell you the entire process read this article carefully, download it and then follow the process. It's going to help you pass a pm examination: , let's get started so, which you have this sixth edition of pin box right now, so this article is going to help you pass or the PMP exam machine for the sixth edition of Bismarck, I'm going to lead On all the steps for that, the first question people ask me: , which book do I refer to study for the PM examination? Yes, pim bob is a very good guide. It is used as a reference guide, not an exam preparation book. your exam preparation book can be many books. I use Rita multi.

Let me just show you I use it for the previous edition. Please buy a new version of this book for the latest edition for the sixth edition of PMBOK. Sorry, this book cover-to-cover three times. That's it first time you get an idea.

What else is there? Second, let me get more putation third time. You know how its analysis and applications belong. Buy this book read it for three times counter call. You should be good to go right, use pimple.

I also have my box division, be use it as a reference copy. I can't even read octopuses use pimple as the difference, but teamwork is not an exam preparation book. remember gives you all the information Rita's for project management for you to bee pm examination by Rita multI book and read it cover to power two three times there are other two are the good person market. One is the head.

First PMP: you could even read that book three times or Kimmelman lot of situational questions three times any one of these any one of these three books. I don't know to spend reading all the three books and put it on a lot of time, but read any of this book three times you will get to know end to end of what's happening in the PMP examination. Ok, so the next question people ask me is how much time do I need? How much time do I need to study for the PMP examination I'm working in an organization? What do I do? I don't have enough time.

It's pretty simple: if you could spend two to three months with at least two hours a day, one to two hours a day. It should be good to pass if you dimension, on average time spending more time on the weekends in three to four us, but on the weekdays at least one up. If you look, spend studying and preparing with PMP exam - and that should be more than enough for you, , so the next question people ask music and what order do I prepare for the PD examination remember this is very very important people get stuck with ITT.

I was trying to memorize them. No, it should not begin with that order. Even if you don't know what I did use I'll tell you how we can pass on paper. Examination understand if you consequently idea tears later on, but then this next two to three weeks is very important.

We'Re going to show you the entire hour of preparation, let's get started so the first one right remember: what are the process groups? There are five process groups. Remember their names so first as you need to know the names of these things, the terms because you'll be asked you'll be awarded for answers that will then not in your day-to-day project. My next project, man anymore, remove, is a structured right, so exams based on pin box.

You get right answers only if you follow what is there in the pin box. So first thing is know. Terminologies know the process. Group names then know the ten knowledge areas.

Right then, try to remember all the 49 processes. There are 49 processes like what are the names at least which process was in, which know which process pro remember these things first, so when you read, Drita will K book for the first time. Try to just know about these things, you don't need to know in depth of everything in the first reading by third and you'll, get it, but just try to know these things so start with know.

Your process groups, knowledge areas, the processes about that in Finbar at least movement, their names, and then, after that, coming to the plants they have got like so many project management plans. There are baselines and then additional documents are totally some eighteen document names. Eighteen clients right, remember, then: no, what do they do? You will understand about project management, you'll, understand about the PMP examination and then what are the project documents? How many others like 33 project documents? Are there right? Remember that and then, after that, we have got after this is done, then go and learn. The tools and techniques learn the tools and techniques after you've done.

All of this then sit and try to know the PMP exam formulas. I have a real pimp exam published. Then link will be then the description go and see that claim article.

All the formulas have been covered, but those formulas will form the basis of your brain dump right. So you should know what goes in the brain dump. So brain dump will prepare once the examination begins, give some eight to ten minutes. There's another article created for the brain dump go and read that article goes into brendham, so it will actually help you get the answers to the examination. If you have this list of formula in front of you, it is easy for your brain to and face the answers and write it down on there.

PMI-SP Questions

Instead of you trying to recreate something from your mind, it is less stressful. That is another we can reduce. The stress in the examination, , very important, , don't try to memorize all the ideas. You have got 49 processors and likes only input, and so many outputs.

If you tried memorizing them, we do lose a lot of time. You might get some three to five questions on the eye details. I would suggest don't worry about these questions, focus on the tools, processes, process, groups, knowledge areas, situational questions, project documents and then get the premium right. Even if you get the five five questions figured all the five wrong on. This is not a problem because it still have got 195 more questions to score right.

So don't don't try to memorize the idea, but the outputs of your editors, using other things that those things you need to remember: , fine! Then, next question: how do I assess my performance? When do I am ready for the PMP examination? , fine! So for this you need to start giving mock examinations right so give a minimum of five mock examination. I also give five mock exam. I seen before my final PMP examination. so when do I give my first commommy some nice questions like when? Do I give my first mock examination once you have read the book really time on the book or the head first book, one time for one time cover to cover. That's the time you know me, you do first mock exam.

let me help you understand. Mobs are very, very important because walk through a mock examinations, I have got my mock analysis from 2015. Everyone was preparing for the preamp examination. You need to go and analyze your mark examination right, which are the areas you are following short, are you falling on situation? Questions or project questions are on process.

Big documents where I'll follow are formulas or you don't know, do you know some terminologies right giving a mock will take for us analyzing lick another for us. I would suggest do that for the next. For us, , it's very, very important. So after you exemption right and then make known see, I've made so many knots over here. then also one more thing for your brain dump.

I have a sample brain come with me over here, oh so this is my sample brain dump sheet that I used to practice. you've got all the process group knowledge areas, and then I was all the formless miserable I'm making this sheet in at least eight to ten minutes. If you do multiple practice sessions before you should be able to make nurse so like, for example, see I've been practicing that over here - preparing , I just use the abbreviations of the process, name and process. You can then do it try doing it.

You will be very, very helpful for you. I want 200, so look how your performance would go see. These are my commom's goes Mach one. I got 95 one 210, 210-and 508 190, so this is continuous in over a period of two months: , fine that should be - once not two weeks. It should be like two months.

So, in a period of two months I was able to do that and I was giving these exams once in every two weeks. have a consistency of giving me more things. Amination, then you should be able to very good. As I told you, analyze, analyze are nice, please analyze your mock examinations like, for example. If I show you this analysis, which I have on my commom -, which I do not know and then study them, operatic mark .

So you know what you don't know right. That's very important, then she's only doing binary analysis change it for us all lot of information. so please, please, analyze your mock exams! You know one online is a mob scores, sit something to hold on analyze them then leave a different for you. Another question: how much questions are practice on beast knowledge. It has a minimum of 100 questions per knowledge area. You can buy the book from Motorola, like thousand, which are in question.

You can buy that book and we can take that book. if you don't have any access to the question Bank or if you're training problems, all those giving you a question Bank and that's very, very good, go and know. Was that pushing back and again sorry else, all those questions at least hundred questions on knowledge area right? So, overall the content, questions for knowledge areas, that's like thousand content knowledge areas and then thousand more cracks like two thousand questions.

So two thousand questions you're good. To give the PMP examination really we double K three times talked about. You didn't get the PMP examination that you lot of companies, so performance is read the glossary, but not now, when I'm afraid we giving some three to four mock examinations.

your schools are somewhere like say, 70% or 60%, read the glossary and see that you know all the terms in the glossary. If you don't know like say twenty to thirty terms in the glossary, it's good. it's like close to fight or 7% of the glossary. But if you don't know more than fifty terms in the glossary means you have not prepared properly, you don't know everything in the boom box.

Then don't go in your examination piece! ! So again, I'm telling you read the glossary as an assessment. If you can reconnect with definition that should be good enough. So to summarize, what do you have to do personal? How much thing read any one book three times solve two thousand PMP more questions: and then, after that assess yourself using the PMP cross. Sorry, if you can do these three things, I'm very sure you will pass it pimp, exams and also to come and drop me a come and say my father.

very much. ! Please do that. Please do that. This is summary of the entire article like what we have to do. This is on the order of preparation on the PMP exam mock for exams. You everything now.

Let me talk to you a little bit more about stress before that. Remember this fine one good training, user training provider and the swallow one: don't paralyzed by analyzing five: six timing providers by six different walks on by sigmav Institute. You will actually waste a lot of time, fine, one good in the market and then go and start running from that. good and then next question.

How do I handle stress doing my preparation and examination? This is very, very much. Please someone take your next. Two to three minutes: I'm going to explain you all this.

How we can handle stress basic things should be good enough. so handling says so. The first point says: stay hydrated, , when you're sitting and studying for say, let's say to us: , stay hydrated, drink a lot of water. So if you remove water, more water goes to your brain and it's easier for you to remember things.

They'll be less stress on your brain, so stay hydrated, , so the next time is deep, breathing you're, giving you both exam and we get tired. Nothing sit straight, breathe slowly for five to six times. you could do it for every one ha ha ha. Whenever you get stressed you can you can even do this in the PMP examination? I also did it this in my PMP examination.

Ok, if we get stress this too deep, you think because your brain is like 2 percent of your body mass, but takes 25% of oxygen. Ok, every in takes 25 oxygen, so it needs more oxygen. If it is stressed out, do you breathe you get? you feel relaxed then avoid distractions. Keep your cell phone outside tell people not to disturb you. Take some silent.

Please have a consistent time, sit there and study. Then no snes's people get very nose in the preparing and for they can. No witness is naturally because of this nervousness you are doing a preparation, so nervousness for a PMP exam is natural? Don'T worry at all. Ok, this is quite natural to have the nervousness it's , it's not to be nervous, but the preparation is going to give you confidence solving those thousand-plus questions going to be confidence.

Reading it up with your book or any book for three times going to give you confidence, , so no sness is natural. Please understand that it is natural. then, make your own mind maps. make your own mind.

I put one. We don't know how to make mind maps or project charter. Go there for that article it will. The description will be there and the link will be in the description. Please make your own mind maps make your own flashcards right.

So all these things will help you a lot. flashcards lot of articles of them go and see. How do you make some flashcards? Remember that so mind maps, flashcards brain dump? All this is going to reduce the stress on your brain whenever repairing eye out these things, the preparation will bee very, very easy and less stressful. even in your free Embry examination.

Now what happened right? You go that if you get stressed out Liberty about my own self after 50 questions I went blank, it was one are usually in my mother used to take breaks for every to us, , but after fifty percent maybe make a garment black. What did I do? I took a 10-minute break. I went on a relax into the restroom trying some water relax on the chair.

Shutting the power hose came back and then I ain't give me example, and I passed a few examination. remember that so don't stress yourself out, , relax and then we can give the pm examination in the exam. If you get stressed, they do be deep breathing but don't make too much of mice the others. One get the stuff right.

So remember these things in the examination once the exam starts. First thing you do is make the brain dump. I'm tell you it's work to make the brain down the first ten minutes, don't even losing Emily, it's , it's worth five! You can still have do the remaining. Eliminating all the two hundred questions.

Don'T worry about that? ! So that's what about the entire PMP preparation and how do you handle stress, , one question: how did PMP help me? I want to update this right so when I gave my pimp exam mentioned, I was not working in the industry. I was in no break of doing my own training and development activities, so PMP helped me get back to IT. Industry many people's. It does PMP helped me get the job. Yes, it does help you get a job and it does help.

You go salary hikes all right. It kind of filters when people see you they when the job isn't like PMP is a mandate right. So it feels everything that PMP helped me get at all right. It helped me I was discussing in meetings in my organization. I had lot of cons because I know I was talking.

What was talking was fact this. How things have to be done? People haven't missed so much up in making the PMBOK. If you know what is in limbo, it's going to give in lot of confident - and you see, the results like out was going to be very good, and then I scaled up and Marilyn from now associate project manager, program manager.

This has happened to be my development over that right, so it will help me scale up norm and then over that . So I was efficient in what I was doing right bee efficient. What you're doing so, my friends, though these for me to tell you all this: it was like through the PMP examination start your PMP journey today it is, was starting.

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