Security+ certification is a neutral third-party certification, and its certification body is CompTIA, the American Computer Industry Association; it is one of the top 10 popular certifications in the international IT industry, including CISSP, ITIL, etc., and CISSP focuses on information security Compared with management, the Security+ certification focuses more on information security technology and operations. The Security+ certification exam includes multiple-choice questions and practice questions.

Passing this certification demonstrates your competence in network security, compliance and operational security, threats and vulnerabilities, application, data and host security, access control and identity management, and encryption technologies. Because of its difficult exam difficulty and high gold content, it has been widely adopted by global enterprises and security professionals. Security+ is a certification for basic-level practitioners of information security, focusing on technical practice.

Whether it is a fresh graduate, or an operation and maintenance personnel or a developer who has already entered the workplace, Security+ is an effective stepping stone to enter the information security industry. At present, the authoritative certification related to information security in China is basically aimed at practitioners with several years of work experience. High security certification, the emergence of Security+ fills the vacancy in this area.

Whether it is a graduate, a little white hat without orthodox security education, or even a senior person in an information security management position or an operation maintenance and developer in a non-security position, Security+ is an excellent course. Safety technical practical training. To date, Security+ is widely recognized in 147 countries around the world.

1. Test center: You can contact the reservation teacher for the reservation location, and you can also check the location of the test center on the VUE official website. Because of Google Maps, you cannot directly see the geographical location, because I am the first The first time I participated in this type of test, I went to the test room to squat in advance. I felt that this was very necessary. Not to mention the road conditions on the day, not being able to find the test center would affect my mood.

In the test room, I was in a fully enclosed small room with 5 computers for the test. Everyone took different items and the time was different, so be your own and don’t be influenced by others. The invigilator is invigilating the exam through the camera outside. A drawing board and markers are provided on the table. When the drawing board is full, you can raise your hand to signal for replacement. It seems that the earplugs need to be explained to the teacher before they are issued. I have asked the invigilator, the test room is not allowed to bring water glasses, and the test time will not be suspended when going to the bathroom, so be prepared before the test. I made an appointment for the exam at 10:30, and I arrived just half an hour earlier, but because I had to fill in what to do and abide by the rules of the exam, and take photos and samples for signature, it would start early, not just in time. Temporary cramming may have to go earlier to calm down and stabilize the state.

3. Exam: 70 questions in 90 minutes. Before the official exam, there will be 30 minutes of reading the rules of the exam room. You can make good use of this time to stabilize your mind and don't need to be too nervous. Questions 1 and 2 are drag-and-drop questions. There are two or three multiple-choice questions in the middle. There are not many original questions in the question bank, but about 5 or 6 questions! This depends on personal luck, but in general, as long as you have thoroughly reviewed the 1036 question bank and grasped the knowledge points behind the textbook, there should be no problem with "passing". Hmm... If the first question is the same, it is authentication: 5 districts, what data center, coffee shop, CEO's office... Select the appropriate factor authentication, pay attention to the options on it, if it is "excessive", you can click to cancel it, or Make additional choices as required. "Restore All" is to restore the options for the current area, so you don't have to worry about restoring all areas and affecting your grades. The second question has nothing to say about the firewall. The selection box needs to click the "Firewall" icon in the middle of the screen to pop up. Start answering the questions and click "Stimulate". Uncertain questions can be marked in the upper right corner, and can be reviewed at the end. "Time is up" will automatically end the answer sheet, jump to the questionnaire for 15 minutes, and the test results will pop up directly after 12 questions!


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