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This book is aimed at complete beginners, which is not a bad thing; too few computer books really are. It covers the basics of how to use a computer (with an emphisis on the XP OS). Covers basic hardware and software, what part of the computer does what, the difference between an OS and application software (many people don't have a clue) and other basics. It won't make you a computer geek, but it will Cisco certainly, for many people, increase thier computer literacy significantly.Particularly valuable for most people will be the explination of the basic hardware and software, as opposed to the basic instructions for using XP. I work in an office supply store that sells PC components, and I'm always amazed when people don't know the difference between RAM and their processor. The basic, painless, introduction to the hardware would alone be worth the price of the book. He details most of the major PC components well enough that you understand what role they perform in running your PC. He's also good about explaining basic software categories (i.e., an OS as opposed to an application program).The instructions for using XP (Managing files, etc.) are basic enough that they could probably have been left out, as most people figure it out pretty easily and intuitively.Overall, the writing is done tolerably well, and in an easy manner that doesn't intimidate or condescend, which is nice. The information is sound, and basic, enough to provide a good foundation of knowledge so that you are not totally in the dark about your PC.Bottom line? If you don't understand what a processor is, or the difference between XP and Office, buy this book. It will help.  If you can't tell the difference between RAM and your hard drive, buy this book. It'll make the computer age easier on you .

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