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As a developer who wanted to understand how the internet works, I found this book to be a very good resource.  It starts by giving a good overview of internetworking, a history, and the fundamental concepts make internetworking work.  It goes on to describe each protocol that makes up internetworking in detail.  It doesn't go into unnecessary low level detail, there's plenty of other resources for network administrators and experts.  It is very complete covering all important low level protocols and many important application level protocols.I had a few minor issues that prevented this book from being my bible for internetworking.  One is that the book is relatively old.  While most of the technology hasn't changed, how we perceive the internet has.  The way we conceptualize internetworking may have changed.  The usage of certain protocols may have changed and thus the emphasis that should be placed on each protocol may be different.  Also, the book is large, over 1000 pages.  There's enough information and detail that it could possibly be used as a reference book.  Because of these issues, I found myself skipping around and trying to figure out which sections of the book were important and essential to read.  I was always afraid that I might miss something.The book can be found free online, but as someone who loves books and likes to have physical copies, especially for books I appreciate, I was happy to buy it.  If you're someone like me who's looking for a comprehensive introduction to internetworking, I'd also suggestInternetworking with TCP/IP Volume One (6th Edition)

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