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I bought this mainly for the lab exercises, but I didn't know how tied together this simulator and Mr. Odom's books are. I read the CEH and started on the CEH book when this arrived. This makes much more sense than just reading the screen prints in the book. This worked out of the box with no registration problems. It does seem to be a little dated, because you can't pin it to the taskbar or re-size the window very large.As a simulator this may not be perfect, but just like my other certifications, I don't depend on one source. I was planning on buying some rack time, there are several companies that offer this, but this little simulator works fine for playing around with until I get to that point. I've also seen on eBay where you can buy complete labs, 2 routers, 2 switches and cables for under $500. Hopefully this simulator, the exercises, my other source for exercises and some rack time on real equipment will be enough to get comfortable for the simulation portion of the exam.Since it is so closely tied to the book, I have started doing the exercises while reading. This seems to help not only by doing the commands, but getting used to reading the complete responses of the commands.The only real complaint I have right now, is that I can't maximize the windows to the full screen and you don't telnet or ssh into a piece of equipment to get in the habit of doing that, you choose what piece of equipment you want to talk to from a drop down menu.It should really be labeled as a companion to Mr. Odom's books. The lab exercises are well explained and if you follow along in the book, they are really very well explained. But for what it is, it seems to work well.

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